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Personal Coaching

Why Personal Coaching?

A good trainer inspires you to be like him.
A great trainer inspires you to be yourself.

Our coaches are ready to take you to the next level physically and mentally. We are your cheerleaders, your trusted friend. Our goal is for you to be the best version of yourself by first being better than yesterday, everyday. A well trained body and mind will lead to a more meaningful and productive life and personal coaching can be the added boost for you!

Benefits of Personal Coaching

  1. We teach you to train properly
  2. We have an objective eye and know what to work on specifically
  3. We know the most efficient way to get you results
  4. We’ll push your limits
  5. We’ll motivate you to keep going when the going gets tough
  6. We’ll help you grow your self confidence
  7. We are incredibly creative. We know how to come up with new training routines and new drills all the time.


We offer 1 on 1 boxing  training with personal coaching to anyone. Please see below for the rates for personal coaching conducted at the gym. 

For Personal Coaching outside of the gym and at a location of your preference, e-mail Ridhwan@Legends.com.sg

1 on 1 Boxing Training

Junior Coach

$ 60 45 minutes

Senior Coach

$ 80 1 hour

Head Coach

$ 100 1 hour

2 to 1 Boxing Training

Junior Coach

$ 120 1 hour

Senior Coach

$ 140 1 hour

Head Coach

$ 160 1 hour

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  4. Go to Memberships > “Buy” 1 Free Trial Class
  5. Go to Timetable > Classes, select the day and time you wish to book a class!

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