Champs Boxing Series

The management team at Legends are dedicated and driven to further promote the local boxing scene. With this goal in mind, Legends Fight Sport established Legends Promotions in 2014 to spearhead boxing events for local amateur boxers competing under AIBA rules and also inter gym competitions. Since our opening, Legends Fight Sport and Legends Promotions had organised 7 successful amateur boxing events.


Our events are supported by the various gyms in Singapore. Each event can have up to 34 boxing bouts and at least 600 people in attendance.

The team at Legends is driven and motivated by challenges and competition. Like we mentioned earlier, our goal is to further promote the local boxing scene. To step up our game, we decide to launch “Champs Boxing Series” (CBS) in 2016. CBS will be the leading platform for local elite amateurs to shine and showcase their skill in competition. Other than elite amateurs, the regular boxing gym goers will also have an opportunity to experience competing in the ring and put their skills to the test. This is the perfect way to get people interested in the sport. After all, who does not enjoy a good fight?


We carefully match opponents according to skill level, age and experience and this is the key in producing exciting fights. We aim to organise up to 5 boxing events in a year. Our events are sanctioned by the Singapore Boxing Federation (SBF) to ensure safety and top quality judging/ refereeing.