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Boxing, The Sweet Science

The official name of boxing is not really boxing – it’s pugilism. Pugilism means “practice and skills of fighting with fists.” Boxing is one of the oldest known sports today and arguably the most efficient form of martial art. 
The most important thing to firstly understand is that boxing is the art of “hit and not get hit”. Through proper body mechanics, we utilise footwork, movement, and strategies to be in position to land powerful punches and at the same time defend against incoming ones.

Boxing is loved by people of all ages and is not only a great sport or a useful skill to learn, but also an excellent way to get in shape. If you’re trying to improve your health and get in the best shape of your life, look no further and try a class at Legends!

Our boxing classes are conducted in a safe and encouraging atmosphere and our training programmes ensure that there is continuous learning and development. Our students are great and supportive and that makes boxing at Legends so much more fulfilling.

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At Legends – a Singapore boxing gym – our coaching system is a trademark of TCW.

We teach you the sweet science of boxing while challenging you physically and mentally.

We have built a community of boxing in Singapore.

Boxing for Beginners

As one of the Top Boxing Gyms In Singapore, we believe in providing you with a solid foundation of basic skills, techniques and fundamentals. When the basics are done right, it will be more natural for a student to progress and acquire other skills that can help in his or her own boxing development. Our “Legends Coaching System” is structured in a way where it encourages proper execution of the basics, on top of the more advanced skills.
If you are new to boxing and are planning to come for a free trial class at Legends, we encourage you to book our ‘Boxing School’ class for a start. This particular class emphasizes greatly on form, technique and the basic offensive and defensive skills in boxing. Through this class, you will have the chance to understand and appreciate the sweet science we call boxing.
For your first boxing class with us, you will learn your fighting stance (weight distribution and balance), footwork (moving forward and back), hand placement, your basic jab and the cross. You will also be doing exercises that help in coordination and footwork, hitting the bags, basic partner drills and boxing specific core exercises.
You will be exposed to Legends Fight Sport’s tested and proven training programmes designed by The Chosen Wan. Knowing this, you can look forward to training in a fun and safe environment.

Ladies Boxing at Legends

We are an all-inclusive boxing gym, and that includes our femme fatales as well. We conduct boxing classes for women only, where we cover a range of workouts, from boxing workouts for weight loss to our focused Legends boxing curriculum. 

Our boxing classes for ladies may be female-only, but the experience is tailored towards being just as effective and practical as the rest of our sessions. Legends is about boxing first and foremost, and the ladies boxing classes are no different in that sense. 

Everyone learns at their own pace, and boxing can seem like an intimidating sport for ladies to pick up. Our ladies boxing class is designed to help make it welcoming and comfortable for you to grow together with the other women in the gym, forming communal bonds and a sense of identity through shared progress in your fitness and boxing goals. 

No class at Legends is generic – all boxing curriculum is curated by The Chosen Wan himself. We also got Leona Hui, former Team Singapore boxer and also the head of @sgwomensboxing conducting the ladies classes at Legends. To further support ladies boxing at Legends, our female Legends Fight Team boxers also conduct the ladies boxing classes. The ladies boxing class is not an easier class, but one that is focused on women who want to get good at boxing. 

The Everyday People presents People of Legends in collaboration with Legends Fight Sport, a boxing gym in Singapore co-founded by The Chosen Wan.

This interview series highlights gym members with very interesting stories to tell.

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