All about BALANCE

What does a good boxing stance do for you?

A good and solid boxing stance will mean that you are balanced at all times, thus will allow you to move and attack, or defend accordingly. The best boxing stance is a balance between multiple important attributes for fighting.

  • Power/ Defence
  • Range/ Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Stability/ mobility

A proper boxing stance will give you solid power in each hand but still allow you to efficiently defend yourself. It gives you a good reach when punching with both hands without having to over extend to land your punches which makes you more vulnerable to counters or getting pushed off balance.

The correct boxing stance will allow you to throw a wider variety of punches without leaving you too exposed. It also allows you be stable and stand your ground to land the heavier shots but still remain mobile.

To know if you are doing it right, you must feel balanced. Do not overthink it, just feel it. If you feel balanced when in your stance every second of the round, then you are doing it right. I suggest you spend some time to shadowbox just moving around keeping your hands up without punching, going forward, back, right, left, pivoting, stepping back, add some head movement making sure your body weight is kept in the middle throughout.

Practice well!

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