Don’t skip SKIPPING!

Want to improve your fighting endurance, punching power, balance and footwork, in just 10 minutes a day?…if so, then GET UP AND START JUMPING ROPE!

If you think of the general boxers’ workout, it will naturally come to your mind that aside from long distance running, sprints, punching the bags, sparring and hitting the mitts, a boxer will include skipping, or jump rope as some will like to call it, into part of their training programme.

There are obviously many benefits to skipping and you can easily read about them on the internet so I shall not include them here just for the sake of it. I personally jump rope not just for the physical benefits or to simply warm up with it, but also use it to work on the mental aspect of the game. Also it looks cool when I can execute the different tricks.

For example, as I skip, I will be thinking or visualising what I will be doing tactically in that particular round. While my body and legs are committed on the action of skipping, my mind is busy working and multi tasking. As the rope clears under my legs when I jump, it mimics a defensive or attacking move in my mind.

Skipping helps to increase my awareness as my body works on maintaining balance, rhythm and coordination. This is especially useful when I do the different styles of skipping with movement around a particular space to simulate a real fight situation.

With an increased mental awareness, The chances of me “sleeping” during a fight is lesser as my mind has been trained to be conscious and to watch out for something. Also, this increased mental awareness helps me avoid incoming punches or find countering opportunities. A fight can be very chaotic as you can be up against a very busy fighter throwing punches in volume but at the very least, your increased awareness helps to keep your mind calm so that you don’t panic during sudden exchanges.

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Here are some of my jump rope routines you can try. Of course you can rearrange and add your own flavour to your jump rope routine so it doesn’t get boring.

Routine 1

– 15 secs of medium pace skipping
– 15 secs of very fast skipping
– I might do this for 15 minutes non stop at the beginning or end of a boxing session.

Routine 2

– 3 minutes of “very, very fast” skipping
– 1 minute slow skipping (active rest)
– Repeat for a few rounds

Routine 3:

– 30 seconds of very fast skipping
– 30 seconds of very fast shadowboxing
– Repeat for a certain period of time

Boxing Jump Rope tips

It’s quite common to see people being nervous when asked to jump rope. This is because they know they might look funny and people will be watching. The only way to get better at it is to do it. Try to dedicate 30 minutes of your time everyday on just skipping and before you know it, skipping will just be second nature to you.

Some useful jump rope tips for beginners.

– Relax and breathe (through your nose)
– Land on the balls of your feet and bend your knees to reduce impact
– While in the air, do not curl into a ball and maintain your posture for balance
– Jump as low to the ground as possible
– Let the rope hit the floor gently so you have an audible rhythm to follow

Roberto Duran is a Legend. His speed, skill, power, quickness and footwork efficiency can be attributed to his explosive skipping style.

Whatever your boxing level is right now, never skip skipping. It brings a lot of benefits to your overall boxing performance. It is simple and very effective.

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