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At Legends, we’ve built a solid community of boxing in Singapore. This makes Legends Special.

We want you to have fun while work out, and at the same time box well and correctly. We have TCW’s trademark coaching system in place and our coaches not only push you physically and mentally, but can also teach the sweet science. Other than our passion for the sport combined with the unique and genuine boxing experience we offer, it’s our students that complete us. 

Head Coaches

Ridhwan - the chosen wan

Head Boxing Coach The Chosen Wan

Hi all! I’m Ridhwan aka The Chosen Wan and I’m the Head Boxing Coach at Legends.

Good to know you’re here reading and finding out more about us in which I believe you want to start boxing!

Well, you’ve come to the right place. My team and I have been working so hard to build a solid boxing community in Singapore through Legends and our gyms cater to all whether you just want to box for fitness, passion, or maybe one day box competitively. 

My goal as a coach is not to just make my fighters very good. I want to make everyone that trains at Legends good. My students should be levelling up each time they come to Legends and have their skills improve noticeably over time.

We have a training programme (Legends Coaching System) that all Legends coaches follow when conducting the classes and the programmes are designed to be efficient and replicable by the best performing and average students in the room.

My test is to take someone not athletically gifted, has a full time job, has a family, can only train two or three times a week but still make him or her pretty damn good in boxing.

Currently, I am the Head Boxing Coach for the Singapore Women’s Boxing Community & Development Team. See here!

As of 1st June 2022, I have been appointed as National Coach for the Singapore National Boxing Team.



You have made the best decision by making Legends the place for you to learn boxing. I am Fairuz, and together with Ridhwan, we founded Legends Fight Sport in February 2014 with one simple ideology, making boxing a sport that everyone can enjoy. Close to a decade later, we have succeeded in many different ways as Legends has become a household name in Singapore boxing. 

In our own way, we have touched many lives and created bridges within the community. Together, we make a difference; that is the spirit of Legends Fight Sport. Every individual who walks through the doors gets acquainted with everyone and continues to build Legends identity, “Real People, Real Boxing”. At Legends, we thrive on excellence with our Legends Coaching System, Kids Boxing Academy and Legends Coaches Standardisation, ensuring you receive the best experience and same learning experience regardless of the location you train. I am excited for Legends’ future as we continue to grow and innovate in today’s technologically advanced environment. Catch you at the gym!



Body mechanics and using them efficiently has always been my focus for anyone doing any sports. I’m Syazwan and I’m the Head Strength & Conditioning coach for Legends. If you think boxing is only about throwing punches , you may be in for a surprise.

My goal as a S&C coach is to guide members on how to unlock their body potential and give them the edge during their boxing training. Knowing how to ‘feel’ the floor, using their hips power for throwing punches are some examples that will give the members an idea of how they not only need to use not only their arms, but also the whole body as a unit. Having the body conditioned to last a whole fight is equally important as being skillful in throwing punches.

Join us at Legends Fight Sport to be part of our community that encourages each other to be the best version of yourselves. See you in the gym!

Why Legends​?

We strongly believe that simplicity is the key to brilliance. We don’t confuse our members with fancy words just to make us seem smarter or cooler. We focus on a training system that works. Our coaches are experienced and so we know to focus on what truly matters. They will observe your boxing ability and have you work precisely on a certain skill set. Nothing else to complicate things, nothing else to distract you from what you really need to focus on.

Legends Fight Sport is a pure boxing gym focusing on the sweet science. With boxing being our only focus, we are able to put our heart, soul, sweat, tears and EVERYTHING we have so that we can be very good at what we do.

Our classes emphasise greatly on boxing techniques, drills, skills and strategies. We don’t get you to throw punches just so you will sweat and have a feeling of a workout. With us, you will learn how to defend and attack effectively. We will make the effort to immediately correct your form to prevent you from developing bad habits. The training programme is designed by the head coach, The Chosen Wan himself!

The members at Legends come from different backgrounds. No matter your level, who you are or where you come from, we are all the same in the gym, having the same focus: to be better at the sport. You will find people here in the gym that will be your very good friends. We are all here to help each other.

Yes we do. We know how to push you physically and mentally during our classes. It will be painful but trust us, it will be worth it. We don’t stop just because you are tired, but we will make sure that you only stop once you are done!

Team Legends are made up of fun people. Yes we do know how to “torture” you in training but we still know how to have fun. We understand that you feel the pressure trying to reach your goals. Your body may be aching from yesterday’s training. We have plenty of drills and programmes that are engaging thus allowing you to work smarter. There will definitely be some fun and challenges that will help you enjoy the process while you work towards your goal.

Legends Fight Sport is headed by Singapore’s top professional boxer. He is none other than Muhamad Ridhwan, The Chosen Wan aka TCW. He is a trailblazer, knocking his opponents out with style, creating opportunities and opening doors for upcoming boxers. Follow us on Instagram @legendsfightsport to be updated on the boxing content that he posts!

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