Adult Boxing Classes

TCW Special

Boxing classes conducted by The Chosen Wan himself!

12 Rounds

Our 12 Rounds boxing class is a controlled, technical sparring class.

Together with a partner, you both will be going 12 rounds with each other, throwing punches (50% power) within the perimeters set out by the coach according to the training programme and applying defence techniques.

The training and drills in this class is realistic and situational to a real fight and allows you to gain confidence to apply and execute what you’ve learned in a controlled environment.

You will need a mouthguard and we recommend you to use a headgear and 14/16oz gloves for this class.

TCW Boxfit

TCW BoxFit is a class where we combine Boxing + Fitness. We offer a high energy, fun, boxing fitness group class experience.

Expect a high intensity full body workout that incorporates boxing skills, techniques and movements, combined with a variety of fight conditioning exercises over 12 rounds, 3 minutes each and 30 seconds rest in between.

Train like a pro, and box like a pro! This class will not only improve your fitness levels but also build your cardio, strength, confidence and character.

Watch this CNA Insider video to understand what goes down during a TCW Boxfit class. 

Ladies Boxing

Legends ladies boxing

A ladies-only boxing class, but with the same training programme as all of our others. If they like, our female members are free to join any of the non-exclusive classes above!


Mouth-guards and 14/16oz gloves mandatory, headgear strongly recommended. Our sparring sessions involve squaring off with different members, getting used to applying your skills and testing yourself in a live situation.

Boxing School

We recommend that you come for our ‘Boxing School’ class if you are new to boxing and wish to do a free trial class. You will be focusing on a particular technique or sequence, learning to improve your form in shadowboxing, and then applying it against a partner in drills.

Boxing Basics


“The best boxers are the ones with the best basics. We’re adding a new class to our training schedule called Boxing Basics that will focus on particular aspects of the game – defence, footwork and punches. This is not an ‘advanced’ nor ‘beginner’ class, but it’s definitely suitable (and important) for everybody. Trust me when I say that there is absolutely no one who cannot benefit from sharpening up your fundamentals.” – #CoachTCW

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