Basic Boxing Lesson

Maybe you have no idea what boxing is about other than the Rocky movies or Contender boxing series you watched before. All those blood, cuts and knock downs you see make you feel a little uneasy. But still, deep down, you know you want to give this sport a go. The sport of boxing is gaining much interest. Whether you aspire to be a competitive fighter or someone who want to use boxing to get fit, the sport of boxing will require you to learn some skills. In fact, even if you do MMA or Muay Thai, you still need to know how to use your hands effectively in a fight and trust me…boxing helps tremendously.

When stepping into Legends Fight Sport or any other good boxing gym around the world, you can expect to be taught the things you are going to read below. Guard up and boxing stance.


  • Chin down: Your chin should be tucked in towards your chest and not sticking out
  • Both rear and lead hands guarding chin: Keep your rear hand guarding the outside of your chin at all times. Your lead hand also close to your chin or extended slightly. Make sure your lead hand does not obscure your vision.
  • Elbows tucked in: Your rear elbow should always be tucked in to block your opponent’s rear hook to the body.
  • Stand sideways slightly: You should be in a position where your entire chest is not directly facing your opponent. Do not square up. That will make you an easy target. Instead, you must stand slightly at a sideways angle.


  • Knees Bent: Your knees should ALWAYS be bent slightly to give your entire body support. Do not start your stance with bending too low. You should still be able to bend them even more if you need to avoid incoming punches when slipping or weaving (which you will learn much later). Bend your knees. Not your back. These are two very different things so take note.
  • Feet Spread Just Past Shoulder Width: Your feet should be spread apart so that they’re a few inches past the outside of your shoulder width. This will give you proper balance when moving in different directions. Your front foot and back foot must not be in line.


  • Foot Positioning: Your lead foot should be at a 10 degrees angle while your rear foot should be positioned at an angle of around 45 degrees.
  • Rear Foot on your toes: Stand on the balls of your rear foot and lift the heel slightly. This allows you to move quicker whether for offense or defense. Keeps you light and mobile.
  • Lead Foot Planted: Your lead foot can be firmly planted and flat on the surface.
  • Keep Body weight Centered: Your weight should be evenly distributed between your front and back legs. Your stance should include you leaning forward very slightly. Some coaches will advice you to put more weight on your front foot, which enables you to attack a bit quicker. Some will prefer you to still have the weight evenly distributed. Experiment this and adopt accordingly.

It might take a while to get used to the boxing stance and develop the habit of keeping your hands up. Learn to be aware of your positioning. Your hands, your body weight, your feet. Develop good habits early. After a while, the basics will come to you naturally and you can use your brain cells to focus on the more advanced boxing skills.

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