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Personal Training with TCW at Legends Fight Sport

“Should I spend a little bit more on personal coaching? Hmmmmmmm”

This is probably what you ask yourself sometimes? You wonder if it’s worth it and you convinced yourself that you do not need it as you can just learn in the group classes. While this can be true (to a certain extend), investing in personal coaching can bring you plenty of positive benefits. After all, overall health and putting in the effort to really learn the boxing fundamentals will always be a good long term investment.

Boxing Personal Coaching/ Training at Legends Fight Sport

Personal Coaching VS Personal Training

We don’t just tell you what to do, shout instructions, copy workouts on YouTube and make you do them because everyone else is doing it, count the rounds, or time your workout. That’s what a trainer will do. We are coaches. We motivate, show, educate and TEACH why things are done in a certain way and how as a boxer you can be more effective.

Boxing is an art and while many train others or box just for the sake of looking cool or get followers, we teach because that’s our passion. The sport of boxing as a whole is our passion. To see you achieve your goals and break barriers, that is our greater passion and satisfaction.

About us getting to know you better

Boxing is a unique sport. While something might work for someone else, it might not necessarily work for you. There is no specific winning technique, strategy or formula.

Having some 1 on 1 training time with our coaches, gives us a better opportunity to know you better boxing wise. We’ll learn of your style, strengths, weaknesses, tendencies, bad habits and cater a training programme involving drills that can maximise your boxing abilities and thus make you a better boxer overall.

Other than just knowing where you are physically, we’ll come to know you better mentally and as a person. Believe it or not, this has a lot of influence on how you will approach a fight.

Learn to Box the Right Way

During personal coaching, it gives us more time to work with you and break things down better so as to suit your learning pace. We are not here to just make you throw a thousand punches with minimal technique as long as you sweat. We want you to have a total body workout, get fit and at the same time learn the proper way to box. 

It really doesn’t matter if you will never step into the ring to fight. You will still benefit a lot from knowing how to box right and this learning process will make you appreciate the science of boxing and love the sport more. Once you understand in depth how the sport is, it’s a higher chance that you will be dedicated to it because you will constantly be fascinated with how things work.


Nah, Kidding. We are not focused on telling you what other coaches teach out there are wrong or that what we teach is the only and correct way out there. No style or method triumphs over the other. We are very careful with details but we don’t focus on you following them strictly just to make us happy. We focus on you adapting and making a technique work for your style.

For example, rather than saying that when you slip, you need to be at a certain angle, we let you know and remind you how you should feel. We work on your sense of feel and awareness. We might teach you the technique we know, allow you to use your own technique and then together, we refine on your technique.

Direct and Honest Feedback

While working with us in a 1 on 1 session, that’s also your opportunity to get some honest feedback and it’s our responsibility as a coach to not just to make you work for an hour, take your money and let it all end there. There should always be a target for progression in the training and we are motivated by this progress rather than just with you keep signing more sessions with us but don’t see any improvement. It should and will always be what we can do together as a team to get better.

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