Hardest thing to do in boxing


Yes. There, I’ve said it. Asking fighters to take the day off can be the hardest thing to do in the world. Therefore, I will usually advice them to take an easy day. Even for myself!

It surely feels like the best fighters never seem to tire or have any days off. The idea of working 24/7 or working when your opponents are asleep have been overused too many times. In between all the crazy highlight reels of fighters going from one impossible exercise to the next, they are indeed taking breaks. It’s the only way to get stronger AND stay injury-free in the longterm. I’ve seen some of the pros at work and they take their rest seriously. Even if they still show up to the gym, they will do an easy day.

And when I say rest, this does not only apply to resting physically but also mentally. Boxing can be a very demanding sport so taking an easy day or some time away can help keep you fresh and stay hungry to get better.

Therefore in this post, I will be sharing with you on some things you can do at the gym on an ‘EASY DAY’.



Don’t bring any gear that will tempt you to go do a maximum intensity boxing workout. No mouth guard or head guard obviously because someone might ask you to spar and the next thing you know you are out there going hard in sparring and then getting injured.

Warm Up

Stretch, move around, stay warm. It’s great for your body to move around and get that blood flowing. Blood heals and rebuilds everything that it touches. Improve that blood circulation throughout your body and you’re seriously rebuilding your body.

Slow Skill-work

You shouldn’t be sweating even. This is the time you face the mirror, work on the very little details, be super analytical of your movement and technique and really take your time! You can even try new techniques that you’ve watched in videos and figure out how or if they work for your style. Have a chat with your coach and talk about different things. It’s a mental workout kinda day and you want to keep your mind fresh.

Core exercises

You can do simple core exercises slowly. Don’t have to overdo it, unlike the other days, you can rest longer in between sets and reps. Breathe, and if your body starts to ache, you STOP.


Take this seriously. Stretch every part of your body. You can check out YouTube on stretching sessions and some of them can even go for 2 hours! No rush. Once again, focus on breathing and hold the stretch a little longer.

People Watching

I don’t mean do this in a creepy kind of way. Just sit somewhere and watch. Usually when we go to the gym, we are very focused on ourselves. It’s nice to see what other people are doing for a change. There may be some training ideas, techniques that we can pick up on and apply to your own style.

Have an empty mind for once. See what the coaches are telling the others to do. Be analytical. You learn so much when you watch others.

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