The jab is most certainly the most important punch in boxing. Time and again we practice the jab. The different jab variations, the timing, the speed, the accuracy, the angles when throwing the jab, placements for the jab and many more.

“If you want to be a good boxer, forget the jab. If you want to be a great boxer, use the jab”

There are of course many ways to fully utilise the jab. All of these jab strategies cannot be explained in one simple article. Therefore, this article will narrow down our focus to JABBING TO THE BODY.

Some simple uses for the JAB TO THE BODY

  • You jab to the body and your opponent puts his hand/s down to protect his body.
  • Now with the opponent’s head unprotected you can throw an overhand right to the chin.
  • Now with the opponent’s head unprotected you can throw an overhand right to the chin.

  • By throwing an accurate jab to the solar plexus of your opponent, you disrupt his breathing and slowly takes away his stamina and energy. A good jab to the body will take a little steam out your opponent.

  • Time your opponent’s jab. When your opponent throws a lazy jab to your head, you duck down and throw a jab to the body at the same time. When done correctly, this disrupts his timing and makes your opponent hesitant to commit to his jab. Like this, you successfully take away his jab…and confidence

  • When you possess the ability of jabbing to the body together with the standard jab to the face, your opponent will have to be more cautious because now they know they can be hit in the face or the body with your jab. When your opponent becomes passive, it becomes easier for you to do what you want to do to them

  • After a while you can make the motion as if you are jabbing down to the body and when your opponent reacts to this feint and decides to defend the body, you change your level of attack and go back upstairs by throwing a hook to the head

  • A jab to the body can help maintain distance between you and your opponent especially if your opponent likes to put relentless pressure

However, it is important to be alert and careful on your part. One thing to watch out for though when using the jab to the body is not to lunge in with it and put too much weight behind it. Try your best to make sure that you are eye level to the target when jabbing to the body. Keep your other hand up and chin down when jabbing your way in. Always be defensively responsible.

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