KIDS Boxing Academy

Benefits of Kids Boxing Academy

We have tuned our Kids Boxing Academy to be fun & engaging. 

The learning objectives are clear and structured to encourage physical, emotional and mental developments. 

Our training programmes includes life skills. Our grading system and tests encourage continuous learning and give kids a goal to strive for.

Rates for Kids Under 12 Years Old

Billed monthly or full upfront payment

3 months

$ 150 Monthly
  • Unlimited Sessions inclusive all Legends gym outlets
  • Free Suspensions



Wraps Grading by Colour

Legends Kids Boxing Academy grading
  • White – Level 1:
    Students start with white wraps (pass test to earn green wraps & progress to Level 2)

  • Green – Level 2:
    Students start with green wraps

  • Orange – Level 3

  • Blue – Level 4

  • Purple – Level 5

  • Black – Level 6

What's Involved In Our Grading?

When a student has completed their minimum time period and lessons on a particular wrap, and have gained a strong grasp of the technical requirements for their current grade, their coach will book them in to attend the next grading stage. Students are only tested on the techniques required for their wrap grade. Immediately after the grading, a formal presentation occurs where students are awarded their coloured wraps and Grading Certificates.

Grading for children must be a positive experience. In a very competitive world, it is important that kids learn the importance of working hard towards achieving their goals and at the same time loving the process.

What Happens At Our Grading?

Students will be asked to demonstrate skills, in front of our grading panel, in different areas:

  1. Basic fundamentals. Students will need to shadowbox and be able to show their mental awareness and physical capability to execute what is required to progress to the next grade.
  2. Mittwork with a coach. Students must be able to execute the techniques and movements required to progress to the next grade. Different wraps grading stages will require different numbers of rounds and duration.
  3. Bag work. Students will be tested on their physical endurance, toughness and strength when executing the techniques and movements required to progress to the next grade.
  4. Sparring(Only blue wraps and above). This is where students show their ability to perform attacks and defences against an opponent. Once again, students have done this many times in the gym, paired up with a partner. 

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