Our Coaching Style

We are NOT a fitness or boxing aerobics studio/ club. We are a genuine boxing gym. Our classes do not only focus on cardio but our coaches will teach you footwork,attacking, defensive and counter punching boxing skills that fighters apply during their fights. We teach the art of sweet science, ‘hitting and not getting hit’. You can look forward to experiencing a good overall workout and also learn new, effective skills from attending our boxing classes. Everything we get you to do is with a purpose. We teach you REAL skills. 

What will you be doing?

You will be shadowboxing, punching the bags, hitting the pads with our trainers, technique/ skill sparring, partner boxing drills, reaction drills and some other boxing activities that our fighters learn from their personal extensive experiencein competition and training overseas.

We run a variety of classes focusing on the different aspects of boxing so that you can better grasp the different techniques, skills and drills required to do well in the sport!

Please see below to understand the different classes we offer at Legends. The classes are also listed below.

Boxing Rumble

Boxing round: 3 minutes
Rest time: 30/ 45 seconds 

‘Boxing Rumble’ is a mix of freestyle shadowboxing, bag work, partner work, mitts, circuit training, drills and complete with core exercises. There is always a specific lesson objective for the class and all the exercises or drills will work towards achieving that goal, whether it’s a certain punch combination, attacking or defensive movement etc. The possibility is endless!

Boxing Techniques

Boxing round: 5 minutes
Rest time: 1 minute

The ‘Boxing Techniques’ class, as the name suggests, is focused on technicals and fundamentals. Slower pace, longer rounds, and group shadowboxing rounds are done on command. The focus is on perfecting specific movements and punches. Partner drills are non-contact, but throwing and catching punches with the gloves instead.

12 Rounds

Boxing round: 3 minutes
Rest time: 30/ 45 seconds

In short, ’12 Rounds’ is a situational/ technical sparring class. The class will simulate a 12 round professional fight. You will start with skipping and basic warm ups and after that, gear up everybody! Mouth guard on and 14/ 16oz gloves. Everyone will partner up and do controlled sparring (only 50% power) within the guidelines and rules the coach has allowed for that specific round to achieve the lesson objective.

Legends Core

In this 45 minutes class, you will be doing specific Strength & Conditioning training for boxers or combat athletes.

Little Legends

Training gear/ Equipment

Comfortable and light training attire, sports/ boxing shoes, hand wraps, mouth guard, head gear (for hard sparring only) and boxing gloves (provided). Do know that you can purchase your own personal hand wraps, mouth guard and “Legends” boxing gloves over the counter.

Please click here to view the full Legends Fight Sport gym class schedule!